Access California Services

The Challenge

Access California Services, a non-profit 501c(3) organization hired me in 2013 to redesign their website so that it could help users swiftly navigate through their services and resources, and explore the information easily.

My Role

  • 2013 – present, UX developer
  • User research
  • Information architect
  • Usability testing
  • UI designer
  • Front-end developer

Content review

The communications director and I went over the old website to figure out how we can clearly represent the company and organize the information hierarchy. We decided to remove all of the unnecessary bullet points and extra copy to make it easier to understand for our personas. Also, we stayed focused on what features were indispensable, such as events and services.

Research and Inspiration

The mockup was created in Adobe Photoshop after the final wireframe layout was selected by the team.

The final front page/header was created keeping in mind the contents important to the organization.


Wireframe was created using Adobe Illustrator, to demonstrate the basic layout of the front page and accessory pages.

Working with WordPress

Editing in WordPress allowed other editors access the highly dynamic plugin system to quickly interact with and change elements within the website.


The home screen now features the information and resources significant to the organization and the users.
Resources, forms, and flyers can now be easily accessed from every service child page.


According to the data from 2017, the most used feature of the site is services which drives approximately 1/3 of the website’s traffic. It is clear that redesigning the services page to focus on AccessCal’s in-house services, community-based resources, and downloadable content has enabled users to find what they need, faster.

Improving UX with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows me to track user flow so I can determine the most popular features and errors in user experiences and make it more convenient for the users.

Lessons learned

User testing, especially early in the design process, is invaluable. Getting to know the users expectations and what they are looking for makes it a lot more easier for the design.