Thermo Fisher Scientific

Loyalty Program

Thermo Fisher Scientific wants to reward and motivate scientists who pursue what they love. With the Aspire member program, users can receive points for using Thermo Fisher products in their daily lab life.

Project Objective

To make the newly launched Loyalty program simple and easily accessible for the engaged and new users, so as to increase and improve the user engagement.

Content review and Data analysis

Using Adobe Analytics, I was able to track the general user flow through the program. This helped me recognize the strength of the program and narrow down the complications users faced while exploring the website.

Data graph showing user drop-off and flow between pages

Experience mapping

The target persona helped identify pain points to create opportunities of engagement.

Wireframing & Prototyping



The users testing the current page tested for 3 pain points:

  1. Clarity of the program
  2. Attraction or ambivalence of the design
  3. Immediate actions taken when landing on the page


Redesigned content


As of May 11, 2017, data analytics shows that online conversions from the program enrollment page increased. The users are responding very positively to the new marketing messages, simplified visuals, and most importantly the call-to-action button.


Further speculation of the dashboard and member content is in progress.